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Family law issues can be emotionally and financially overwhelming. At Ravago & Associates, principal attorney Joseph Ravago has represented clients who are dealing with divorce and related matters such as child custody, child support and visitation issues. Since 2000, Ravago has handled each family law concern with compassion and understanding.

Legal advocate protects the rights of those going through divorce

Going through a divorce isn’t easy, and it's critical to have experienced counsel to walk you through the process involved with:

  • Contested divorce — If you and your spouse can’t agree on key issues such as child support payments or child custody arrangements, your divorce will have to be handled in court. Our attorney will advocate for you every step of the way
  • Uncontested divorce — For divorcing spouses who agree on all key property and parenting issues, our firm can guide you through an uncontested divorce. Some couples may qualify for a “joint simplified dissolution,” which can save significant time and money.
  • Property division — Our attorney helps make sure clients get the assets to which they’re entitled and advocates for a division of property that is fair.
  • Alimony awards— In some cases, one spouse is obligated to pay alimony to the other for a permanent or fixed amount of time. Our attorney aims to ensure that it’s calculated correctly and that payment is enforced.

Our attorney provides clients with trusted legal services at every stage of the divorce process.   

Assisting clients facing child custody and visitation issues

Both parents have a legal right to spend time with their children. When determining custody, the court will determine what is in the best interests of the child. Our attorney helps clients resolve matters concerning:

  • Physical custody — Where the children live
  • Legal custody — The parent who will make decisions for the children (i.e., healthcare, education, and religion)

Joint physical custody and/or legal custody may be granted if a judge determines it to be in the child’s best interests. Otherwise, sole custody will be awarded to one parent, and the other will be entitled to visitation. Our attorney will push for custody and visitation arrangement that allows you to maintain a relationship with your child.

Skilled representation to help clients with child support matters

By law, the noncustodial parent has an obligation to financially support their children. Child support payments in Illinois are calculated based on the combined net income of both parents. Our attorney assists with:

  • Filing for child support — We represent clients in family court to help ensure they receive the child support to which they're entitled.
  • Child support enforcement — Our attorney represents those looking to enforce their right to child support and defend those who are in arrears.
  • Child support modifications — We help parents obtain upward or downward modifications when there is a change in financial circumstances.

Every child support matter is unique, and our attorney makes sure your child support order is fair and accurately calculated.

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Ravago & Associates has two decades of experience representing clients in the greater Chicago metro area for a wide range of family law and divorce-related matters. Please call 773-886-1903 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. 

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